capriuni@aol.commonSense (ann) wrote in message
> From: Kid Curry:
> >As the White beat its way steeply down to join its fellows in the shadow of
> >the Psychic Circus, Kid Curry caught a wave of warm scent rising up
> >towards them, crushed grass and canvas, tugging at memories he'd almost
> >forgotten he had; of a crowded camp one autumn and winter up at the
> >hidden canyon, one more old crazy scheme from back in the years when
> >he'd gone along with the rest of the bunch...
> [Authorial aside: Interesting. So Kid is an old Carnie type, huh? Or a
> once-upon-a-time carnie wanna be?

No, it was just this one crazy guy who got hold of a couple of big tents
somehow, and had the notion the rest of us'd get more space camping out
than shut up in the cabin... You didn't argue. Just went along with
those wild ideas of his, on account of the ones that worked out came up
real fine when no-one was expecting.... but that one never did.

Long time back, now.

-- Kid Curry
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