From: "Cardinal Zorak":

>This [synergy] is used in medicine for when 2 drugs combine and produce a new effect.
>What do you consider it to mean? Coagulation of energy?

Well, sort of... American architect, philosopher, and living definition of "sesquipedalian", R. Buckminster Fuller used the term to refer to the unpredictable results when any two or more entities enter into a system together -- one example he was particularly fond of was ordinary, tasty, table salt -- part metal, part poisonous gas... who would've thunk mixing those two things would result in that?

If "entropy" is the slow decline of everything into sameness, with no energy flowing anywhere or anywhen, "synergy" is the opposite -- the tendency for systems to evolve in unexpected, creative ways.

Since no part of the universe exists alone (everything is part of a system with everything else), and systems work in tend to work in unpredictible ways, synergy, as "Bucky" defined it, and according to his philosophy, is more of a pervasive force in the omniverse (my term) than entropy...

Of course, I haven't read "Synergetics" in twenty years or so, and I barely understood it then, but that is how I remember and understand it, now...


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