Front page of 'Daily Sketch' "The Daily Sketch" (London daily newspaper) front page, 7 Apr 1926. Headline: EVELYN LAYE TO BE MRS. SONNIE HALE

(NB The caption lies: he was actually an immature twenty-three...)

Weddings page of 'The Sketch'

From the weddings page of "The Sketch" (weekly magazine), 14 Apr 1926

Habitually cheeky expressionPhoto in full screen make-up, accompanying article Sonnie (Hale) Won't Act Any More, published in "Film Weekly" (weekly fan magazine) 18 April 1936

Photo from 'Sonnie on Jessie' article Photo accompanying article "JESSIE", by Sonnie published in "Film Weekly" 2 May 1936. Headline: SONNIE HALE gives you a husband's-eye view of his wife, Jessie Matthews, who will have to take orders from him — and like it — when he directs her in her next picture

(Yes, it was a rather long-winded headline..!)

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